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Grey Multi Turn Actuators With 20NM - 2030NM Torque , Motor Operated Valve Actuator

Grey Multi Turn Actuators With 20NM - 2030NM Torque , Motor Operated Valve Actuator

  • Grey Multi Turn Actuators With 20NM - 2030NM Torque , Motor Operated Valve Actuator
  • Grey Multi Turn Actuators With 20NM - 2030NM Torque , Motor Operated Valve Actuator
Grey Multi Turn Actuators With 20NM - 2030NM Torque , Motor Operated Valve Actuator
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ACKO
Certification: CE ISO
Model Number: AKC-O3......300
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: standard sea worthy packing
Delivery Time: 7-14 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets per week
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Detailed Product Description
Power Supply: 220Vac, 50/60 Hz;380Vac, 50/60 Hz Control Style: ON/OFF
ON/OFF Model: AKC/AKM-O3......300 Torque: 20NM.......2030NM
Name: Multi Turn Actuators Color: Grey
High Light:

multi turn electric actuator


motor operated valve actuator


 Grey Multi Turn Actuators With 20NM - 2030NM Torque , Motor Operated Valve Actuator

    In many areas such as islands, plateaus, pastoral areas, desert Gobi, and remote mountainous areas, the control of pipe network valves is mostly powered by natural energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy. However, a solar power supply system consists of a solar photovoltaic cell module, a solar controller, a battery (group), etc., and an inverter must be configured to invert the direct current (DC24V) generated by the solar module into an alternating current (AC220V) according to actual needs. The normal use of the valve has the inconvenience of high cost and low efficiency. In order to meet the demand for electric valves in these special fields, our company designed and developed a vector-controlled permanent magnet brushless DC motor based on the AC power supply technology, and developed the DZ series DC power supply intelligent non-invasive valve electric device. Powered by the battery pack. This is an intelligent electric valve control product integrating DC motor control technology, absolute coding technology, programmable single-chip technology, infrared remote control technology, liquid crystal display, magnetic control switch and other recent automatic control technology and advanced manufacturing technology.

     DZ series DC power supply intelligent non-invasive valve electric device is mainly used for the valve for linear motion of the opening and closing parts, such as gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm valve, gate, etc., for opening, closing and adjusting the valve. It is an indispensable driving device for remote control, centralized control and automatic control of valves. It has the features of full function, reliable performance, advanced control system, small size, light weight and convenient use and maintenance.
The product is tested by a number of performance tests, with stable and reliable performance and convenient operation. At present, it is the only valve electric actuator product in China that uses DC power supply.

1, manual operation

Direct drive handwheels (or larger models and geared handwheels used on AKM) provide reliable emergency manual operation in the event of a power failure. The padlock manual/automatic clutch ensures safe operation even when the motor is running.
Note: Motor operation is always preferred unless the manual/automatic handle is intentionally locked in the manual position. Both the direct drive and the independent gear driven handwheel have a free-range "hammering" effect.


2, non-intrusive settings

All actuator settings and diagnostics are performed through a sealed indication window, eliminating the need to remove the cover on site and expose the internal control mechanism.


3. Local control

Field control switches and padlock-type field/stop/remote selection operate the internal magnetic reed switch, eliminating the need for a through-shaft that seals against moisture.


4, position control

The Hall-effect magnetic pulse system accurately measures and controls the travel of the actuator without the use of any gears and switches.


5, the terminal box

The individually sealed terminal box ensures the integrity of the motorized seal even when the terminal box cover is opened for field wiring.


6, AKC / AKM electric and drive

The motor shaft and the worm are independent of each other for quick replacement. The low inertia, high torque motor allows the peak torque to be reached quickly after the motor is started, and there is almost no overrun during non-excitation. The temperature coil has a precise temperature sensor that is unaffected by the ambient temperature and allows the motor to be in optimum heat capacity. The motorized section includes a free-range "hammer" device that helps to open and close the over-tightened valve. The worm gear and the worm are individually immersed in the lubricating oil to suit the maximum ambient temperature difference.


7, flexible drive connection

Cast iron, water sealed housing. A simple, detachable drive bushing can be machined to the valve stem for connection to the valve.


Display of actuators

The AKC/AKM family includes a unique display developed specifically for actuator displays. Its large screen allows users to easily see valve position, torque and diagnostic faults from a distance. The unique display system with background lighting system provides high visibility under all lighting conditions.


Display support

ACKO recognizes that local and remote valve position instructions are required at all times, even when the actuator power is off. AKC/AKM has a built-in battery to maintain and update valve position instructions when power is off. The power also supports data recording when power is off.


Set up

By setting, adjusting and viewing the intrinsically safe AKC/AKM infrared setter, users can easily enter the configuration of the actuator through the display.


Diagnostic information on screen

The three display areas of LCD can clearly display the alarm information of valves, control systems and actuators.


Help screen

AKM setter can query all the states of the current actuator in the status query menu, so it can analyze the control signal, valve and actuator status and indicating status in real time and in groups.



3-Phase AC Current 1-Phase AC Current
Voltages(V) Frequency(Hz) Voltages(V) Frequency(Hz)
220;230;240;380;400;415;500 50 220-250 50
400;460;480 60 110;115;120;240 60


1. Input signals:4mA~20mA; 1VDC-5VDC; 2mA~10mA; 0.5VDC-2.5VDC; 24VDC pulse or electrical level;

2. Basic error:≤+1.0%;

3. Repeatability error:≤1% (Range AKM,AKJM), ≤3%(Range AKC,AKJ);

4. Deadband:0.1%~9.9%(Range AKM,AKJM);

5. Ambient temperature:-40%℃~+70℃;

6. Ambient humidity:≤95%;

7. Insulation resistance: >50MΩ between power supply terminals and main case; >50MΩ between input terminals and main case; >50MΩ between power supply terminals and input terminals;

8. Insulation intensity:To the 380VAC power supply,there is no breakdown or flash-over when respectively affected 2000V/50Hz between input terminals and power supply terminals or 500V/50Hz between input terminals and main case over 60 seconds;

Infra-red setting tool accords with explosion proof sign:Exia llCT4;




Grey Multi Turn Actuators With 20NM - 2030NM Torque , Motor Operated Valve Actuator 0




Grey Multi Turn Actuators With 20NM - 2030NM Torque , Motor Operated Valve Actuator 1

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